The style of your accommodation is usually one of the first choices that you make when planning your visit on your global travel schedule or annual vacation.

There´s a wealth of luxury accommodation to choose from, but still the main choices within the luxury market remains villas and hotels.

We spoke to MORADA clients to ask them what their reasoning was for staying in a villa and here´s a summary of 3 main reasons that were consistently given for their choosing to stay in a villa.

  • Peace and Privacy: An obvious statement perhaps, but both for people travelling frequently or infrequently, it´s the money-can´t-buy sensation of having a space entirely to yourself and your guests, which is paramount for most clients, and simply cannot be achieved in even the most boutique of hotels. It is, many say, the key to relaxation.


  • For Accommodating Large Groups, Families or Guests: Swimming pools (used safely) are loved by children and adults alike, and a private pool area and surrounding terrace, and indeed a villa in general, is ideal for keeping children in a contained and safe space, rather than a public area where they cannot enjoy as much freedom. For the large groups of adult guests, no close-placed sun loungers, your personalised playlist, and own poolside menu and service if you wish, make your own outside space very desirable.


  • For holding events during your stay: Many clients choose to spend their birthday while travelling to their favourite place, and many villas allow events on their premises by prior approval. The ease and practicality when the host is in situ is usually the most relaxing way to entertain, and in the summer months the exterior and pool areas of a property make for a great event space, for birthdays or more.


  • Exceptional Attention from Staff: if you are in a position to install full hospitality staffing within a luxury villa, or indeed simply perhaps invest in breakfast chef and a barman for a few evenings, the personalised attention that you will receive in the privacy of your own “home” does in fact surpass the level of service that you would receive in most luxury hotels.


  • A Home Away from Home: In the age of the internet, many clients choose to rent a villa for sometimes 8 to 12 weeks, given that life and work can carry on and relocate to almost any location with a WIFI connection. Many villas contain offices, or good lounge spaces to enjoy, for example, some sport on television when the sunshine gets too much over a long stay. Equally, private gyms, tennis courts and taking personal training or yoga sessions in a villa space is of great appeal to our long-term guests, who like to exercise in privacy, and often, with a beautiful view.
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